Meet the suppliers
At the Third Sector Digital Fundraising Forum, you will be meeting with some of the most innovative and forward thinking digitally focused suppliers out in the market right now. 

This is a great chance to expand your network, get a real understanding of what's out there and to bring your new ideas to fruition.

Take a look below at some of the suppliers who will be in attendance.


CloudThing are an award-winning DevOps, PowerPlatform and Data Science partner who support nonprofits to deliver critical services to the vulnerable, whilst ensuring a first-class service to supporters and donors.

They have recently partnered with Microsoft to release over a million pounds of Intellectual Property free to the nonprofit sector to improve digital fundraising activities.

With clients such as Water Aid, RNLI, Comic Relief and British Red Cross, many nonprofits trust cloudThing to design, build and support better ways of fundraising with digital technology. is a social impact centre of Salesforce. We equip nonprofit, educational, and philanthropic organisations with purpose-built technology to help them operate effectively, raise funds, and connect with others at scale.

Our technology is built for, and with, the community. Our partnerships increase the capacity for social innovation. By combining technology, community and partnership we can close the gap between the impact created today, and the potential for impact in the future.

Launch Interactions are proud sponsors and developers of C&IT and Haymarket Media's migration to Virtual Events.

Launch, is the worlds first multi-vendor-agency to support the ever-changing needs of event professionals event-tech, without the need to change their trusted team. Being experts in building, supporting and scaling live, virtual and hybrid events for agencies, brands, organisations and their communities since 2017 has its perks.
Their experience-led service, software and consultation successfully delivers meaningful and engaging moments to over 100,000 attendees each year.Launch reviews the leading technologies and partners with only the best, to create a disruption-proof model for event professionals to avoid being stuck with outdated technologies.
The Launch model ensures you get the very best consultation, app, and support, to scale both your events and your resulting communities, and keep you, and your attendees, coming back for more.
Moving from Live to Virtual and soon to Hybrid is a journey, and we are here to support you in your transformation in any way we can.

Visit to book a meeting and start planning your next event.

Crumpled Dog

Crumpled Dog is an award winning, Umbraco Gold Partner and creative web agency based in Shoreditch, London. Creativity, strategy, technical ability, and building relationships are at its heart...
Like the formation of a comic book superhero, the name Crumpled Dog came from a series of unlikely events. During a late night rebranding session we noticed that the rejected and discarded ideas on scrunched up paper resembled a small dog and - in a flash - Crumpled Dog was born.

That was many years ago... We still reject bad ideas, but these days they're mostly consigned to the desktop dustbin. Crumpled Dog is centred on a few fundamental concepts: Creativity, strategy, technical ability, passion and the development of long-term consultative relationships - we've worked for one of our clients since 1965.
We are based in the heart of 'Shoreditch' London, yards from Old Street - offering Brand, Graphic Design, Umbraco Web Design and CMS, UX, UA and more... we are proud Umbraco Gold Partners.

Citipost Mail

As one of the UK’s largest independent mail & communication companies, we have a wealth of industry knowledge at your disposal. We have experts that serve large numbers of third sector clients, helping them improve response rate from fundraising direct mail to saving them money. We work intricately as part of your team to enable services that increase reach and engagement.

Mercator IT

We are a tenacious, independent team of IT specialists dedicated to finding innovative solutions for leading organisations around the world.

Our independence means we can adapt to meet any challenge, make decisions quickly and always be there for our clients. Due to our relationship driven approach most of our clients come to us through referrals.

Here is one such referral from earlier this year:

“You have all stepped up to the challenges again, to take a request through solutioning, design, build, test and into live services in record time.

That alone was a great achievement, but today that solution has provided support to thousands of companies and over one million employees.

This was a truly great performance that everyone has worked on and one that again makes me extremely proud to this team’s contribution in difficult circumstances.”

We work to understand your needs, developing honest, long-term relationships where everyone has a seat at the table.


Donaco is a tech startup that helps charities connect with monetisable audiences online and accelerate digital adoption. They have developed data-driven solutions that allow charities to raise funds more efficiently online and drive increased campaign ROI.

Their solution is driven by data intelligence to identify where a potential donor has the original intent to donate. They then automatically place “Smart Units” at the right point across the marketing funnel (Facebook, Instagram, Display), allowing potential supporters to make instant donations in a frictionless way.

Donaco has been trusted by leading charities, including Depaul UK, Crisis UK, Christian Aid and UNICEF, while driving up to 13x more donations and significantly reducing acquisition costs. Their solution has been used by charities with a strong digital presence and non-profits starting their digital journey : we help you craft and execute a compelling digital strategy based on your objectives (awareness, donor acquisition, lead gen, etc..) and leverage our smart tools to drive performance throughout a campaign lifecycle.

You focus on changing the world, we help you get there.

Smarter. Impactful. Social impact through data.

Action Planning Consulting

Action Planning is a community of consultants with three decades of experience serving the not-for-profit sector. We bring a wide range of specialist expertise as well as a deep and comprehensive understanding of the leadership, funding, personnel and practical challenges that organisations face, and provide expert consultancy and support to help them succeed. As a critical friend, we deliver strategic guidance and a comprehensive range of valuable, cost-effective, integrated services that increase impact and effectiveness.

SIB Group

Social Investment Business provides finance to create fairer communities. They do this by giving voice to the organisations and communities they strengthen, reestablishing equality between investor and investee by changing financial and power structures, and ensuring effectiveness of social investment, using their data and insight to target where it’s needed most.

Good Agency

GOOD works with charities to maximise their impact, whether it’s by developing fundraising or brand campaigns, engaging new supporters or creating longer-term sustainable income generation.
With over 25 years’ experience driving positive change for brands and charities, GOOD is an award-winning, full-service, independent agency of 50+ brilliant, purpose-driven people.

The Online Book Company

The Online Book Company specialise in creating unique Interactive Online books which global Charities and organisations both large and small use for supporter retention, recognition, engagement and fundraising.

Zen Global

ZEN Global Limited provides a blockchain-powered ZEN Charity Platform, which sets and drives new standards in transparency, traceability, cost-efficiency, creativity and integrity within the global charity market.
For the first time, donors and charities can follow every penny and cent donated from source right through to the point at which the money is spent. The ZEN Charity Platform promises to transform the potential and credibility of charities by offering complete and immediate transparency. It promises to dramatically increase the global volume of donated money by revealing the impact of every penny, cent and peso.

Gatherwell (Jumbo Interactive)

We develop and operate the world's best lottery experiences. Jumbo is a dedicated and proven outcome-focused lottery enabler, providing lotteries with the tools needed to succeed and grow their returns.

We have a dual offering in the UK market, for organisations ranging from small start-ups to sophisticated large-scale operations; Consisting of -

our External Lottery Management solution “Gatherwell”; and
our lottery SaaS offering “Powered by Jumbo lottery platform”

Both solutions are licensed by the Gambling Commission; and exist to enable organisations to enhance fundraising revenue via optimising lottery activities for efficiency and growth.