Virtually the best ever UK forum for fundraising decision makers
The Third Sector Digital Fundraising Forum, powered by Third Sectoris a free-to-attend, two, half-day exclusive event taking place on 15 & 16 December. 

A Third Sector forum consists of two elements: Dedicated 1-2-1 meetings with suppliers and providers to create the contacts and gather the tools necessary to make your plan a reality and content sessions designed to inspire and encourage you to make the next step in your organisation's growth and development.

We will deliver a packed programme of educational and motivational content sessions and networking opportunities with not only like-minded individuals, but potential avenues to expand your digital fundraising capabilities.
From the editor

Third Sector is proud to welcome you to the Third Sector Digital Fundraising Forum.

The coronavirus pandemic has had a dramatic impact on our working lives, and created a raft of challenges for the voluntary and not-for-profit sector.

The collapse of face-to-face and live fundraising events has meant a huge number of organisations have been driven to rapidly adapt and evolve their services and income streams at a time when need has never been greater.

At Third Sector we wanted to provide a space for fundraisers and charitable organisations alike to access the insights and support that will help them transform their current offerings to thrive in this new world.

The Forum will take place across the mornings of the 15 & 16 December.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Emily Burt, Editor, Third Sector

Why Attend?

Join a Hub of Innovative Ideas

The Third Sector Digital Fundraising Forum is a unique and incredible event that aims to create an intimate environment of learning, mutual business growth and inspiration. 

As an accepted delegate, you'll get the chance to personalise your agenda by picking which key suppliers you want to meet with throughout the day around the content sessions. This way you can tailor your experience to make sure you achieve your goals in attending, and maybe set some new ones following your meetings or the content sessions

Top Speakers

This is a fantastic opportunity to hear from some top quality speakers in the digital space today. The world has been thrust into a new digital frontier, and we have picked the pioneers who have made waves across the industry with their innovative and unorthodox approaches and successes to this landscape we find ourselves in. Whether you learn new strategies and concepts, be inspired to try something new, or have the opportunity to think outside the box; our content lineup is not one to be missed!

Connections & Networking

Being a registered attendee means that you'll be meeting with some of the most innovative and forward thinking digitally focused suppliers out in the market right now. This is a great chance to expand your network, get a real understanding of what's out there and to bring your new ideas to fruition.

Virtual Engagement First-hand!

Wondering how a digital offering might work? How to engage with your audience in a virtual world? Look no further! With our bespoke and revolutionary virtual event platform, feel reassured that a digital alternative to the norm can be achieved, and that it can be seamless, effortless and enjoyable.
Qualifying as a delegate
Places are limited, and we need to ensure that every attendee is as relevant as possible to our suppliers, so we have an approval process for everyone who registers. 
  • A decision maker and/or influencer in the purchasing process at your organisation
  • An individual looking to explore what digital offerings are out there and how to adapt them to your fundraising programs
  • Interested in making new contacts in the digital and virtual space

As an accepted attendee, you will then be able to choose out of the selection of suppliers who you will meet for your 1-2-1 meetings, and have a personalised agenda for each morning, detailing when you will be meeting who, and when the content sessions will take place.

If this sounds like you, then please apply now to attend this year's free event. You will hear back from our event manager if you are eligible to attend.


The programme has been designed to challenge your thinking, showcase good practice and introduce new ideas. Some of the most respected digital professionals will share their insight, experience, and advice to help fundraisers navigate unprecedented waters. Hear from the people who ran the best campaigns during the Covid-19 lockdown. Then look ahead to emerging trends and future opportunities.

Tuesday 15th December

09:25   Registration 

09:30   Chair's Opening Remarks 
Emily Burt, Editor, Third Sector

09:45   Pre-Arranged Meetings 

10:45   The Power of Digital Engagement 
Digital fundraising came into its own during the Covid-19 pandemic. But there has always been a huge potential for charities in digital engagement. This session will provide an overview of opportunities for generating income via digital channels.
Zoe Amar, Founder, Zoe Amar Digital

11:15   Pre-Arranged Meetings 

12:15   Panel - The Rise, and Rise of Crowdfunding 
The Charity Sector has been slow to enter the crowdfunding market, despite it outstripping traditional individual giving growth over recent years. But during the pandemic it has been impossible charities to ignore this platform. Meet a panel of fundraisers who launched some seriously impressive crowdfunding campaigns during lockdown 

Duncan Parker, Managing Director at Ethical Goods & Head of Philanthropy at

Thea Partridge, Marketing and Communications Director at Ethical Goods & Charity Marketing Consultant at Crowdfunder

Danielle Fearnley, Head of Development, Octagon Theatre Bolton

Victoria Cabral, Programmes and Partnerships Manager for Black Thrive 

Ellie Baldwin, Community and Corporate Fundraising Manager for CoppaFeel!

12:50   Continually improve Digital Services with a Modern Fundraising CRM platform
Many charities feel restricted by their CRM system. Despite their best efforts, making simple changes or adding new features can require a huge amount of time and money which is better spent elsewhere. Fran will discuss how to use existing free IP from Microsoft and cloudThing to build a low code data led platform for fundraising and engagement. This approach can minimise risk and reduce ongoing IT spend, which enables Nonprofits to experiment with new digital experiences, collaborate with supporters, and most importantly grow digital fundraising revenue
Fran Thomas, Co-Founder & Technical Director, cloudThing

13:10   Using e-mail marketing to invigorate and engage 
When done badly, e-mail marketing can be intrusive and irritating. But when you get it right it can be invigorating and compelling. This session is packed full of tips on how to effectively engage via email. 
Najmah Salam, Digital Marketing Executive, Help for Heroes

13:40   Chair's Closing Remarks
Emily Burt, Editor, Third Sector

13:45   Day 1 Concludes

Wednesday 16th December

9:25   Registration 

9:30   Chair’s Opening Remarks 
Emily Burt, Editor, Third Sector

9:45   Pre-Arranged Meetings 

10:45   Panel – Digital During a Crisis 
During the Covid Crisis, some charities really optimised their digital channels and had extraordinary success. Hear from them during this panel session and find out what they learned and how they launched themselves into the digital world at one of the most challenging fundraising times in history. 

Emily Burt, Editor, Third Sector

Paul de Gregorio, Founder, Rally

Louise Lai, Transformation Director, Manifesto

Louise Firth, Director of Fundraising, Refuge

11:15   Pre-Arranged Meetings 

12:15   Using Digital Platforms to Find Social Investors 
Social Investment and Crowdfunding are both new entrants to the fundraising space. What happens when you combine both? Find out how using a digital, crowdfunding platform to find social investors can open up a whole new world of financing for charities. 
Richard O’Brien, Corporate Finance Manager, Triodos Bank

12:45   Break 

12:55   Final Keynote - The Art of the Possible 
Gemma will talk us through some of her favourite digital campaigns, including the inspirational People’s Seat presented by Sir David Attenborough at COP24. She will remind us all of the power of digital and the art of the possible. 
Gemma Bardsley, Consulting Director. Ogilvy

13:25   Chair’s Closing Remarks 
Emily Burt, Editor, Third Sector

13:30   Event Finish

Meet the Speakers

Commercial Opportunities

Fundraising decision makers across the UK charity sector want to meet you!

Third Sector has surveyed it’s fundraising audience from across the UK charity sector to find out what their current needs are in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic and how Third Sector can help meet these in the new world.

If you're interested in being part of the lineup of elite suppliers at this exclusive event, you can find out more about the packages here